Your payment questions answered as well as troubleshooting tips for common issues.

Payments & Fees

Is my payment information safe?

Your transaction and payment details are directly handled by Shopify, our payment service provider, with secure encryption and under strict banking standards. Your credit card details are sent directly to the bank. These cannot be read or accessed by us or any parties other than your bank.

Do you store information?

When you are shopping at HelloPods Pro your details will be registered with us, but not credit card or bank details. By law, we must inform you of this. You have the right to request to take part of your information. If there is something wrong, you can get it changed, or deleted. For more information or questions, please contact our customer service. All your information stays with us and is not sold to third party. Nobody but us, and you know what you have typed.

Is it safe to pay with card?

We use 3D Secure, which makes card payments secure. We at HelloPods Pro can not see your card information or in any way save it. All our transfers are running with encrypted connection.

Security & Currency

Was my payment successful?

We have several verification stages in the payment process to maximize your security. The total amount for your order will be withdrawn from your bank account when the order and payment have been processed and approved. If no payment has been received we automatically cancel your order without notification.

What payment options do you accept?

To get your hands on a pair of HelloPods Pro you could either pay with: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bancontact and PayPal.